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Post Election Brave New World

Donald Trump was elected US president this week shocking just about everyone. The pundits on both the left and right all practically went mad trying to explain this startling conclusion to the long, contentious campaign.

Now that a fe2016-1113_flag_0475w days have passed, many television and online commentators have begrudgingly concluded it was Hillary Clinton’s and the Democrats’ penchant for focusing mainly on the subgroups in society, eg, immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, gays, that was their undoing. (Are women considered a subgroup?)

White working class folks felt ignored and unappreciated, and they responded by choosing the often volatile and seemingly inextinguishable Trump at the ballot box.

So now what happens?

The world is of course always moving forward. This time though, it took a lurch in a direction that none of us can accurately predict where it will lead…

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