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My five-year-old twin nephews are notoriously fussy eaters. They are quite discriminating about what they choose, or rather choose not, to eat. Despite their parents’ efforts to steer them toward more nutritious fare, their diet preferences consist mainly of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.


Recently, I informed them that almost half the members of our immediate family, including me, are vegetarians. This of course means we do not eat meat. In response, one of them excitedly exclaimed in a very satisfied way: “you are a picky eater—just like us!”

2013-0609_Colby_ 003

Well, um, it’s sort of the same…

Wider View
As I embark on a new hobby of taking my own photos rather than just “managing” a professional photographer on a work shoot, I note that I must now assume the responsibilities of both roles.

As a marketing manager overseeing a project shoot, I am always the picky one noticing the lint on someone’s shoulder, a loose button dangling distractedly from a suit jacket (that a little rolled-up tape behind the button can firm right up), or an out-of-place background object.

The photographer typically concentrates on positioning the strobes properly, stabilizing his tripod, and ensuring all equipment is powered up as needed.

Food Focus
Last fall, I shot photos for my brother and his wife (not the ones with the fussy eaters) who own and operate a personal training studio in Mansfield, Massachusetts. They wanted to promote the food supplements they sell and needed an advertising poster to hang in their lobby.

2013-0906_SPT_ 104

So in addition to writing and designing the advertisement, I also provided photos. We had a fun shoot in the studio’s kitchen, and I’m reasonably satisfied with the images produced. But, I did notice flubs in some of my photos that might have been avoided had I only been wearing a manager hat. For example, a glass juice bottle had a very prominent glare reflecting on its surface.


Certainly, many of the distractions could be cleaned up later using PhotoShop, but I prefer to avoid the e-fixes as much as possible and reserve them for less obvious “surprises” sometimes discovered later.

Picky = Good
So now as both manager and photographer, I must be very mindful to meet the responsibilities of both roles, including continuing to be picky!

But yes, I did remember to peal the tiny brand labels off each piece of fruit for this shoot.


*  *  *

So what about you?
Ever transition from a manager role to a photographer role? Do you find picky managers helpful or annoying on a shoot?

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