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The Scent of a Hot Dog in Boston

A Fenway Frank, that is. More on this in a moment.

I set out on a lunchtime trek to Fenway Park in search of birthday gifts for my soon-to-be six-year-old twin nephews.

2014-0226_FenwayPark_ 011A very cold breeze was blowing down Yawkey Way where the home of the Boston Red Sox is located.

And being a late winter day, no throngs of fans clad in red jerseys and caps milled about. No street vendors hawked peanuts, game programs, or playthings for the kids. And the brackets on the park’s outside wall that customarily display the team’s championship banners were all bare.

2014-0226_FenwayPark_ 046On the street a few folks did come and go, but they all walked briskly in pursuit of warm interiors. A not very cheerful scene to be sure, but I was okay with everything I saw.

Because the new baseball season is upon us.

Hope Anew
Although it’s only been a few weeks, the Super Bowl has seemingly long since passed. Sports radio has migrated to talk of promising pitchers, new batting lineups, and rookie dreams. And our hometown team is securely in place at pre-season play in sunny Florida.

Once again, Major League Baseball is helping us defy winter and push it away before the calendar approves and tells us it is acceptable to say goodbye.

Thus, even at frigid Fenway, heartening signs could be found and embraced. A service entrance to the park was wide open with workers darting inside toting tools. This year’s schedule was brightly painted on the interior walls of the ticket office. And boxes of new merchandise were busily being unpacked in the team’s pro shop.

Binding Ties
And although I knew it was not possible. And my head was logically telling me some similar scent was simply originating from one of the nearby restaurants serving lunch, I could swear the aroma of Fenway Franks was wafting through the air. It was transcendent.

I don’t even eat hot dogs, but as I stood in the cold, the scent connected me deeply to the joy felt during games past, and I am hopeful, to be felt in the very near future.

A much warmer and much welcomed very near future.

*  *  *

So what about you?
We rely so heavily on our sense of sight for our memories, but what about our sense of smell? Have you ever strongly connected to a location, past event, or even a person through your sense of smell?

Fenway Park:

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