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Flags, Fire, and the Fallen

The half-staff flags remind us of what happened earlier this week in Boston. City firefighters entered a burning Back Bay brownstone in search of possibly trapped residents. The consequences of which were fatal.

From all accounts, two very good men died doing their job. Their chosen duty.

And we are all diminished because of this loss.

2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 011  2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 382  2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 027

Joggers now make their way along the streets. Parents push strollers on the sidewalks. Buses take people to their destinations to take care of business. Folks are getting things done.

Life goes on as it must and should.

2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 253  2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 347  2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 349

But for now at least, we have the flags. So that we don’t forget too soon. So that we properly appreciate what has been lost and honor the sacrifice that was made.

It’s a cloudy day today. Fierce rains are predicted. But the half-staff flags will resolutely stay in place to keep reminding us.

At least for a little while longer.

2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 037  2014-0329_BostonFireTragedy_ 045c

* * *

So what about you?
How has the Boston firefighter tragedy affected you?

Additional Photos

Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy

Lt. Edward J. Walsh Jr.

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