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Waiting for WaterFire

Christmas Eve. Friday morning at work. The week leading up to spring break. Tailgating in a parking lot prior to a football game.

It’s often the period before an event that is equally as enjoyable as the event itself. This is because we know something good is coming, and it makes us feel just as good—or sometimes even better—as when what awaits is actually taking place.

WaterFire is like that.

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 085  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 697

Not Quite Twilight
Since the lighting of the braziers does not begin until sundown, no flames flicker until at least 8 pm through early August. (See my earlier post for an overview of WaterFire.) This gives attendees plenty of time beforehand to leisurely settle in along the canals.

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 214  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 280

The operative action here is to relax. Some folks make a picnic of it by enjoying packed snacks and maybe even a few adult beverages. Others partake of grilled food from the temporary vendors set up along the way. Many just walk about watching street performers and musicians, teens cavorting on skateboards, or, on a lucky night, a full-out professional band in action.

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 315  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 621

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 750  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 478

You might also spend time admiring the handiwork of the dedicated team of volunteers diligently setting up along the waterway. This past weekend, I even spied WaterFire creator Barnaby Evans intently overseeing the night’s preparations.

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 242  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 203  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 295

Serenity Now
The communal spirit of goodwill, calm, and peace will draw you in all the while you know you are in for an even greater treat once the music begins and the braziers are set aflame. The growing anticipation is a joy to share with so many others.

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 326  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 352

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 285  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 163

So the next time you go to WaterFire, I highly recommend you arrive a few hours early. Your enjoyment of the evening may just increase many times over!

It begins . . .

2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 976  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 1087  2014-0628_ProvWaterFire_ 1078

* * *

So what about you?
What is your favorite time to enjoy WaterFire? Might it be prior to the lighting, the lighting ceremony itself, when the braziers are fully lit, or later in the evening closer to midnight?


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