You gotta laugh. Right? Right? Hello…

I’ll answer that. Yes, yes you do. And often. No need to explain why. But if you insist on an explanation, well, you’re a goner. Send me a postcard—but only if it’s to tell me you’re on your way back.

So down below I’ve included a brief list of some funny folks and things out there. I generally go for:

  • Self-deprecating, irreverent people
  • Irony
  • Satire (as long as any and every topic, political angle, race, religion, philosophy, etc. is fair game)
  • Observational humor

I’m not much of a fan of those who overly rely on f-bombs, seem habitually angry and self-righteous, or attack others.

So take a look at my suggestions via Netflix, YouTube, or of course Google. Now go have a laugh…

Simon Bird
SimonPicSimon is an English comedian best known for his work on the BBC series “The Inbetweeners,” which depicts the general lunacy associated with being a teenager in high school. Check out the first episode:

Mamrie Hart
MamriePicMamrie vlogs regularly on YouTube. She sometimes reminds me of Lucille Ball with a much sharper edge and often potty mouth. Her facial expressions and asides to the camera are hilarious. Mamrie’s channels include:

Carrie Brownstein and “Saturday Night Live” alum Fred Armisen star in this sketch series on IFC that lampoons today’s popular trends and culture. This show is brutally honest about revealing our social hypocrisies.

“Little Britain”

2000s: A British sketch comedy show with comics David Walliams and Matt Lucas generally poking fun at anyone and everyone. Here’s a short clip:

1990s: Not much needs to be said here. You can’t beat smart writing. This series will be around forever.

“Are You Being Served?
1970s: This British comedy series is often shown on American PBS stations. The show offers well written plots often leading to brilliant denouements that are similar to some of the best Seinfeld episodes. (The first five years of the series are tighter than the later years.) Here’s one:

Jack Benny
1950s: Jack is an incomparable American comedian with genius comic timing. Random episodes from his weekly television series can be found on YouTube. Here’s one:

*  *  *

So what about you?
What or who is making you laugh out loud these days? Please offer suggestions and help me add to my list.

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