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Fall Flyover

2014-11232_FallFlyOver_ 032cUsually leaf-filled gutters are the only things that get me up on my roof in the fall, but today two US Air Force F-15 fighter jets were my motivation.

The aircraft were part of the pre-football game ceremonies at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts—home of the NFL’s New England Patriots.

Far and Away
2014-11232_FallFlyOver_ 008c
The flyers actually made their presence more prominently known by the booming woosh of their engines, which I heard before the jets were even in sight. They soared a bit too far away from my field of view to manage any impressive camera close-ups.

I learned that if I want better images from any future stadium flyovers, I better situate myself a bit closer to the stadium—or purchase a more powerful camera lens.

Closing In
Something I was able to see up close though did manage to satisfy me. The roof vantage point forced me to take an intimate look at the Bradford Pear trees ablaze in their late autumn colors in my front yard.

2014-11232_FallFlyOver_ 042cThese trees are always the last to drop their foliage. Initially, I was dismayed contemplating that if the trees don’t lose their leaves soon, I might once again find myself raking their remains among piles of early snow as I have had to do a few times in years past.

Not a lot of fun!

After all, it has already snowed twice this fall. I fear the coming winter may not be so tame.

2014-11232_FallFlyOver_ 051cWhat gave me hope though is that the buds for next spring’s foliage could already be seen firmly in place next to this year’s leaves.

So with a clear sign that spring will indeed again return, I decided I can handle all the stuff that will undoubtedly happen in between.

So what about you?
Are you reluctant to embrace the coming winter? If so, how do you plan to cope?

About the F-15:

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