I am a marketing guy by day in Boston, Massachusetts USA. I originally began this blog writing about my efforts to become a better amateur photographer. Before long, I realized I was more excited to write about the subjects portrayed in my photos than discuss camera-related gizmos, angles, issues, etc.

TimFeb2014_v2.pngSo I cheerfully accepted I am more of a writer than a photographer. Of course, I still enjoy taking photos and will continue to complement my posts with images. (I use a Canon EOS 60D.)

My topics generally describe my experiences visiting places or attending events somewhere in New England, typically in and beyond Boston or Providence, Rhode Island.

I am genuinely curious about people and what motivates you to do what you do. Def tell me what you’re thinking about. Oh, and I am always looking for a laugh or some healthy irony.

Marketer. Writer. Editor. Biker. Landscape gardener. WSJ reader. Fitness enthusiast. Vegetarian. People watcher.

Flickr: flickr/teejsheehan

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/TimSheehanMarketing

Website: www.timsheehanmarketing.com

Twitter (just for laughs): www.twitter.com/TJSheehan

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