Snow Way

On an early mid-January Sunday morning with a light snow falling, I set out for Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts. Borderland is a nature photographer’s dream with numerous forest trails, frozen lakes, mini-waterfalls, wooden footbridges over rocky streams, and even a stately stone mansion that was once owned by a prominent wealthy family.

So I figured all of that on top of a snowy morning would make for some spectacular photo ops.

But it was not to be…

As I neared the driveway to the park, I saw a line of vehicles trailing onto the street with a few small groups of hardy men huddled outside some of the cars. I pulled over behind the last one and rolled down my window. One of the men growled, “You gotta love the dependability of state workers.”

I smiled and waved to him and realized nobody had come to unlock the driveway gate.

Not cool!

2014-0119_SnowyMorning_ 048cSo I waited awhile with the others, the majority of whom—based on the number of pooches sticking their heads out of passenger-side windows—seemed to be there to walk their dogs. This was going to be a lost opportunity to take some potentially cool shots.

But then I started looking around…




I began to see some possibly decent snaps in a home owner’s well-kept yard across the street. An evenly-trimmed umbrella tree showed real promise. Despite the cloudy snow-filled sky, there was a hint of a shadow under the tree that framed it in an interesting way. At first, I started shooting from inside my truck, but then feeling inspired, I stepped out and began maneuvering around for better angles.

So the few images included with this post are some of what I came up with for the day. Nothing too spectacular for sure but at least something salvaged on a snowy morning.

2014-0119_SnowyMorning_ 022

I’ve learned that you don’t always need perfect conditions, the ideal location, or the right time to capture some satisfying photos. Nothing is ever truly perfect anyway. Agree?

And no, even after waiting for over an hour, a state worker never showed up to open the gate. You gotta love the…

Okay, never mind. I won’t go there.

*  *  *

So what about you?
Ever had high photo hopes for a particular location, time, or condition that were unexpectedly dashed? How did you respond?

Borderland State Park:

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